Analysis of Image Processing Algorithms for Water Surface Garbage Cleaning Robots


  • Wencheng Wang
  • Quandi Wu
  • Fa Huang
  • Guoqing Cai
  • Lijie Zhou



Image Processing Algorithms, Water Surface Garbage Cleaning Robots, OpenCV, Python.


To facilitate the observation of the water surface conditions in front of the water surface garbage cleaning robots during navigation, an image transmission function was designed using cameras and wireless transmission equipment. However, due to the influence of water surface lighting, the transmitted images were unclear. In this paper, five image processing algorithms were written in Python language using the OpenCV library: Histogram Equalization, Gray World Algorithm, Retinex-based Enhancement Algorithm, Automatic White Balance (AWB) Algorithm, and Automatic Color Equalization (ACE) Algorithm. The algorithms were used on both static and dynamic water surface images, and the program results showed that the Automatic Color Equalization (ACE) Algorithm is the most appropriate image processing algorithm for water surface garbage cleaning robots.


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