Experimental Study on Optimizing Grouting Material Ratio for Rebar Sleeve Connections


  • Ziqi Wang




Prefabricated construction; High-performance sleeve grouting material; Orthogonal experimental design.


 In response to the inadequate performance reliability of existing prefabricated sleeve grouting materials, this study used an orthogonal experimental design method to prepare 16 sets of grouting materials based on C52.5 cement and ordinary river sand, with different water-cement ratios and varying amounts of additives including silica fume, defoamers, water reducers, and expansive agents. The effects of silica fume, defoamers, water reducers, expansive agent dosage, and water-cement ratio on the compressive strength, vertical expansion rate, and fluidity of the grouting material were studied. Based on the experimental results and comprehensive analysis, a formulation for high-performance grouting material with high reliability was determined, providing a greater safety margin for practical engineering applications.


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