Research on Calibration Method of Six Dimensional Force Sensor at the End of Robot


  • Hongchao Yang
  • Chong Xie



Six-axis force sensor; industrial robots; zero compensation.


A six-axis force sensor calibration method for industrial robots is proposed to meet the demand for precise force measurement of end effectors in industrial robots. Firstly, establish a sensor data relationship calculation model, and based on this, focus on considering the interference caused by sensor "zero drift"; Then, the least squares method is used to determine the inclination angle between the robot's end effector and the installation of the six-axis force sensor, the gravity of the end effector, and the coordinate parameters of the center of gravity. Finally, a CR5 robotic arm experimental platform was built to verify the feasibility of the algorithm. The experiment showed that the calibrated sensor maintained a stable force value of 0N without external force, verifying the accuracy of the calibration algorithm.


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