An Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Car Based on STM32


  • Qiuli Wang
  • Jiying Chen
  • Zimo He
  • Feiyang Han
  • Jiayi Liu



STM32 MCU; infrared sensor; obstacle avoidance.


With the rapid development and wide application of artificial intelligence technology, the function of intelligent obstacle avoidance vehicle is becoming increasingly prominent. This article presents a design and realization method of infrared obstacle avoidance intelligent car based on STM32 MCU. The design is driven by two DC motors as main power sources. The motor drive circuit adopts L298N driver chip to control the DC motor to achieve the purpose of controlling the trolley. The infrared obstacle-avoidance sensor is used to judge obstacles and road conditions, and the distance between the car and obstacles is monitored in real time. The error caused by external physical condition can be eliminated by the calibration and optimization of the infrared obstacle avoidance module and the program of the single-chip microcomputer, so as to achieve the goal of accurate location of obstacles.


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