Optimization Design of Medium-Voltage High-Frequency Transformers Based on Parallel Sampling Kriging Surrogate Model


  • Chengcheng Yu
  • Laijun Zhao




Medium-voltage high-frequency transformer, Finite element method, Kriging model, Parallel sampling, Multi-objective optimization.


 In the design process of medium-voltage high-frequency transformers, numerical simulation methods often result in long design cycles and significant computational resource consumption. To achieve rapid and high-precision design for medium-voltage high-frequency transformers, a parallel kriging surrogate model is proposed based on the maximum expected improvement criterion. Initially, Latin hypercube sampling is employed to establish the initial sampling points, and corresponding three-dimensional models of medium-voltage high-frequency transformers are constructed for each sampling point configuration. Finite element simulation software is then used to compute the transformer loss and volume for each model. Subsequently, a kriging surrogate model is developed based on the initial sampling point configuration, and an enhanced parallel sampling strategy is implemented to enhance the fitting accuracy of the kriging surrogate model. Finally, the high-precision kriging surrogate model is utilized as the fitness function for a particle swarm optimization algorithm, with the objectives of minimizing transformer loss and volume. The Pareto optimal solution is sought under multi-objective optimization. The effectiveness of the proposed optimization method is verified through experimental measurements of the loss in a prototype of a medium-voltage high-frequency transformer.


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