Research on Uplift Mechanism of Shield Tunnel Based on Multi-factor Construction Conditions


  • Xiaorui Wang
  • Jiang Wang
  • Chunhui Huang
  • Qing Ye
  • Jinzhong Zhai



Shield tunnel; tube sheet uplift; grouting pressure; numerical simulation.


In order to investigate the influence degree of each factor on tube sheet uplift and tube sheet uplift law of shield tunneling, this thesis takes the background of Zhengzhou Railway Transit Line 6 Phase I Project Weizhuang Station ~ Cargo Station Street Station Interval Project, and establishes ABAQUS finite element numerical model based on the influence factors such as shield thrust, slurry density, grouting pressure, etc., and analyzes the interaction relationship between the influence factors of tube sheet uplift caused by the shield tunneling construction period. The paper investigates the uplift law of tube sheet and the mechanism of influencing factors during the construction period of shield tunnel, and obtains the relationship between grouting pressure and tube sheet uplift, jack thrust and slurry density and tube sheet uplift under the influence of a single factor; the thesis also discovers the location of the maximum uplift and the basic law, as well as the basic range of the uplift and the reduction of the uplift value in the late stage through the comprehensive analysis and calculation of the uplift and the influencing factors under different working conditions. The paper also finds out the location and basic law of the maximum uplift of the tube sheet under different working conditions, and the basic range of the downsizing value of the uplift in the later stage.


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