Spatial-temporal Characteristics of Eco-efficiency of Cultivated Land Use in Shannxi Plain, North-west China


  • Zikai Wang



Cultivated land use; Ecological efficiency; SBM model; Carbon emission.


Cultivated land plays a crucial role in guaranteeing food security, but the production factor inputs in the cultivated land use can also cause environmental pollution. Assessing the eco-efficiency of cultivated land use (ECLU) has an essential effect on achieving sustainable agricultural development. However, studies of the ECLU have focused on the assessment of large regions and differences due to environmental factors but have lacked the assessment of single production areas. This study utilizes the SBM to measure the ECLU in Shannxi Plain, based on 2011 to 2021 statistics. The results of the study provide a factual basis for the realization of sustainable agricultural development and recommendations for the formulation of policies for sustainable agricultural development.


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