DNA Information Storage and Cryptography System


  • Zeping Zhang
  • Zhihao Zhang




DNA information storage; DNA synthesis; DNA preservation; DNA sequencing; DNA cryptography.


With the development of information technology, the global data volume is growing exponentially. In order to alleviate the contradiction between massive data and traditional storage technology, people begin to seek for a new generation of storage media. As a carrier of genetic information, DNA has the characteristics of high information density, long storage life and low maintenance cost, which can effectively overcome the deficiency of traditional storage media. With the development of DNA synthesis and DNA sequencing technology, DNA data storage technology has attracted more and more attention, and a series of major breakthroughs have been made. In this paper, with the workflow of DNA data storage as the main line, expounds the basic theory of DNA data storage and related technology, mainly introduced the research progress of DNA storage method and strategy, briefly summarizes the latest research results of DNA data cryptography, and finally discussed the major challenges that DNA data storage technology is facing , especially, DNA synthesis efficiency, DNA sequencing time cost and DNA data cryptography will be an important research direction of DNA storage technology in the future. It is believed that with the deepening of the data storage research on DNA, DNA data storage will become the most potential new storage method in the future, and can be a practical application in the future.


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