Image Captioning in News Report Scenario


  • Tianrui Liu
  • Qi Cai
  • Changxin Xu
  • Bo Hong
  • Jize Xiong
  • Yuxin Qiao
  • Tsungwei Yang



Image captioning; Computer vision; Natural language processing; Content generation.


 Image captioning[1] strives to generate pertinent captions for specified images[56], situating itself at the crossroads of Computer Vision (CV) [2] and Natural Language Processing (NLP)[54]. This endeavor is of paramount importance with far-reaching applications in recommendation systems, news outlets, social media, and beyond. Particularly within the realm of news reporting, captions are expected to encompass detailed information, such as the identities of celebrities captured in the images. However, much of the existing body of work primarily centers around understanding scenes and actions.[3] In this paper, we explore the realm of image captioning specifically tailored for celebrity photographs, illustrating its broad potential for enhancing news industry practices. This exploration aims to augment automated news content generation, thereby facilitating a more nuanced dissemination of information.[57] Our endeavor shows a broader horizon, enriching the narrative in news reporting through a more intuitive image captioning framework.


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