Design of a Multidimensional Intelligent Safety Driving Monitoring System Based on Machine Vision


  • Haisheng Song
  • Xiangbo Yun
  • Li Wang
  • Zixu Niu
  • Zexia Li
  • Jingwen Ma



Millimeter-wave radar; Arduino Uno; Alcohol sensor; Machine vision technology.


This study introduces a multidimensional driving safety monitoring system that integrates millimeter-wave radar and an Arduino Uno-based alcohol sensor. The system aims to enhance driving safety and prevent accidents by real-time monitoring and analysis of the driving environment, driver's condition, and vehicle dynamics using machine vision technology. Utilizing millimeter-wave radar, the system precisely detects obstacles and pedestrians around the vehicle, facilitating efficient distance and speed measurements to support automatic emergency braking and collision warnings. Additionally, the Arduino Uno-based alcohol sensor monitors the driver's breath for alcohol concentration, ensuring the driver is in a suitable state for driving. Combined with machine vision technology, the system further analyzes video stream data from inside and outside the cockpit, monitoring driver behavior and external traffic conditions to enhance the identification of potential risks. The success of this research illustrates the potential of combining machine vision with advanced sensor technologies, offering new insights for the development of comprehensive driving assistance systems.


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