Exploring the Ethical Implications of AI-Driven News Production at a Radio and Television Station: Balancing Innovation with Integrity


  • Jingyang Zhao
  • Nutteera Phakdeephirot




AI Ethics, Media Ethics, News Production, Ethical Impact, Innovation, Quantitative Methods, Regulatory Needs.


 The objectives of this research/study were (1) to investigate the ethical challenges AI has brought to the news production of Chengdu Radio and television station, (2) to explore how the station balances these challenges and innovation needs, and (3) to understand the regulatory needs and challenges of AI in the media. This quantitative research employed surveys distributed to journalists and other broadcast staff as the research tools. The method of collecting data involved the distribution of surveys to gather views and attitudes towards AI in news production. Survey data were analyzed using a statistics package of social science to identify any patterns or trends. Major Findings/Results: (1) The ethical challenges AI has brought to the news production at Chengdu Radio and television station include issues related to accuracy, bias, and control over content, (2) The station balances these challenges and innovation needs by implementing ethical guidelines, training, and human oversight in AI-driven processes, and (3) Understanding the regulatory needs and challenges of AI in the media is crucial for developing appropriate policies and guidelines for AI integration in newsrooms.


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