The Impact of High Standard Farmland Construction Based on Water-saving Irrigation on Grain Production Capacity


  • Lei Zhao



High standard farmland, Water saving irrigation, Grain production capacity, Cultivated land quality.


Through the implementation of the high standard farmland construction project, the original other grasslands in the project area have been developed, the irregular land has been leveled, the excavation of irrigation pipe trench and the matching of pipe fittings have improved the shortage of the original irrigation and drainage facilities in the project area, greatly improving the irrigation conditions of farmland, effectively preventing the loss of soil fertility, promoting the development of the potential of land production, and the comprehensive quality of farmland has been greatly improved. After the arrangement of cultivated land, the quality grade of cultivated land is slightly higher than that of adjacent plots, the grain production capacity has been improved, and the overall quality of cultivated land in the project area will reach a certain level after the application of organic fertilizer, soil fertility and other measures.


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