Research on the Road Performance of Ring Diamond Resin Modified Asphalt Mixture


  • Yichen Liu



Ring Diamond Resin; Modified Asphalt; Road Performance.


In order to solve the problems of ineffective modification and high cost of most asphalt modifiers, a new type of high viscosity and high elasticity asphalt modifier - ring diamond resin is introduced, and this modifier is injected into 70 # base asphalt. Through high-temperature rutting, low-temperature bending, immersion Marshall and freeze-thaw splitting tests, the road performance of 70 # base asphalt and ring diamond resin modified asphalt mixture is compared and analyzed. Intended to improve the quality of asphalt pavement while reducing economic costs, thereby extending the service life of the road. The research results indicate that the ring diamond resin modifier can greatly improve the high-temperature performance of asphalt mixtures, and to a certain extent improve their low-temperature crack resistance and water stability. It is a resin modified material with great potential and high advantages. It is recommended to use a dosage of 1% in practical road engineering applications.


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