Study on Alkali Reduction Effect of SAP on Cementitious Composites


  • Wenxing Xu
  • Shuai He
  • Yangyi Zhu



SAP; pH; Mechanical Properties; Cement.


In order to improve the high alkalinity environment inside the cementitious composites, the effect of SAP doping on the pH value and compressive strength of cement slurry was investigated by doping Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP). The test results show that SAP can reduce the pH value of cementitious composites at 28d to a certain extent; the pH value of cementitious composites at 28d is significantly reduced when SAP doping is 0.3%, and the compressive strength is improved compared with that of the control group; SAP particles will form cracks with the middle of the cement matrix after the release of water to reduce the alkaline material outflow from the cement matrix, which will make the pH value of SAP specimens reduced.


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