Application of Steel Slag Asphalt Mixture in Road Engineering


  • Wangyiling Yang



Steel Slag; Asphalt Mixture; Road Engineering; Mechanical Properties; Durability; Economic Benefits; Environmental Benefits.


As a by-product of the steelmaking process, steel slag has gained increasing attention and application in road engineering due to its excellent physical properties and abundant resources. This paper systematically analyzes the physical characteristics, chemical composition, and environmental impact of steel slag, explores the preparation process of steel slag asphalt mixtures, and investigates their mechanical properties and durability. Through actual engineering cases, the superior performance of steel slag asphalt mixtures in road base and surface applications is verified. The paper also comprehensively evaluates the economic, environmental, and social benefits of steel slag asphalt mixtures, highlighting their development trends and future research directions in road engineering. Finally, it identifies potential issues in the application of steel slag asphalt mixtures and proposes corresponding countermeasures, aiming to provide theoretical support and practical guidance for their promotion in road engineering.


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