Review on Verifiable Outsourcing of Industrial Internet Data in Securely Shared


  • Yafeng Wang
  • Qingtao Wu



Industrial Internet Data; Outsourced Computing; Cloud Servers; Verifiable.


With the rapid development of information technology, industrial Internet has also entered a rapid development stage. As cloud servers have huge storage space as well as powerful computing power, more and more resource-constrained factories outsource their data to cloud servers for computation and storage to reduce the burden of data owners. Industrial data contains information about industrially produced products, and the high value of such information attracts attacks from illegal users, which may lead to data leakage. In addition, cloud servers are not fully trustworthy; therefore, it is important to ensure the security and correctness of industrial Internet data during outsourced computation and storage for the healthy development of the industrial Internet. In this paper, we explore technical solutions to guarantee the security and correctness of industrial Internet data when outsourcing computation, to achieve the privacy protection of industrial Internet data.


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