Research and Development of New Polylactic Acid (PLA) Fiber Concrete Materials and Performance Research


  • Xuan Li
  • Mengxue Lu
  • Beibei Yang
  • Leyuan Li
  • Chao Yan
  • Zhiyuan Wang



Polylactic Acid (PLA); Fiber Concrete; Mechanical Properties.


Polylactic acid (PLA) fiber concrete has broad application prospects in the field of building materials. This article summarizes the current research status of fiber-reinforced concrete and its importance in improving the mechanical properties of cement-based materials. In view of the modification of the physical properties of PLA fiber, experimental research is conducted to improve its mechanical properties, solve the problem of natural degradation, and explore the application of anti-corrosion materials. In terms of concrete preparation technology, experiments were carried out to study uneven fiber distribution and compatibility with cement slurry to determine the optimal proportion and processing technology. Mechanical property tests and theoretical studies have shown that fiber type and length have a significant impact on the performance of concrete, and it is necessary to further explore the mechanical properties of the transition zone between the fiber and the concrete matrix. Aiming at the durability, fire resistance and other issues of PLA fiber concrete, relevant experimental research plans were proposed. Finally, the mechanical properties of ultra-high toughness PLA fiber concrete were optimized by improving the mix design, optimizing fiber type and dosage, and surface treatment technology. These research results provide an important reference for the wide application of ultra-high toughness PLA fiber concrete in building structures.


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