Research on Human Computer Interaction Technology in Virtual Reality Scenes


  • Qingliang Zeng



Virtual Reality Technology; Virtual Scenes; Human Computer Interaction; Technological Innovation.


This paper discusses the current status, challenges and development trends of human computer interaction technology in virtual reality scenarios. Virtual reality technology has gradually become a frontier field of human computer interaction research. This paper analyzes virtual reality technology and human computer interaction technology. By introducing the commonly used human computer interaction hardware equipment and software technology in current virtual reality scenarios, it reveals the actual application of human computer interaction in virtual reality environments. From the three aspects of technology, user experience, and security and privacy protection, this paper analyzes the challenges faced by human computer interaction technology in virtual reality scenarios. In the future, with the continuous advancement of technological innovation, new human-computer interaction technologies will continue to emerge, and the integration of artificial intelligence technology will further enhance the intelligence level of human-computer interaction, making the user interaction experience more natural and convenient.


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