Fall Detection Algorithm Based on Lightweight Openpose Model with Attention Mechanism


  • Ruiming Qiu
  • Wei Teng
  • Zihe Wei
  • Cong Zhang
  • Yipeng Zhong
  • Junhao Zhai




Fall detection, Lightweight Openpose, Attention mechanism.


At present, the serious consequences caused by the fall of the elderly emerge one after another, and installing cameras at home to prevent emergencies for the elderly has gradually become a choice for more and more people. However, the traditional Openpose model cannot detect in real time, which is inconsistent with the actual demand. Therefore, this paper first proposes to use mobilenetv2 lightweight network to replace the original huge vgg19 backbone network, which makes the model real-time in actual use, and then integrates the attention mechanism module to improve the accuracy of the model without affecting the real-time.


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13 November 2022

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Qiu, R., Teng, W., Wei, Z., Zhang, C., Zhong, Y., & Zhai, J. (2022). Fall Detection Algorithm Based on Lightweight Openpose Model with Attention Mechanism. Academic Journal of Science and Technology, 3(3), 12–14. https://doi.org/10.54097/ajst.v3i3.2525