Effect of Enteral Nutrition on Postoperative Recovery in Patients with Appendicitis


  • Rui Gong




Surgery for acute appendicitis, Enteral nutrition, Pre-albumin, Retinol-binding protein.


By comparing the content of albumin and retinol-binding protein in patients with acute appendicitis before and after surgery, the effect of these two visceral proteins on patients' wounds was reviewed. In addition, after the use of enteral nutrition therapy, the content of anterior albumin and retinol-binding protein in patients was compared, and the effect of enteral nutrition on postoperative recovery in patients with appendicitis was explored. Methods: A review of 100 patients with acute appendicitis treated in the First People's Hospital of Yichang City, People's Hospital of China Three Gorges University from June 2016 to March 2018 was reviewed. Performs endoscopic appendectomy and traditional open appendectomy, respectively. Changes in PA and Bbp levels in patients before and after surgery are detected. After reviewing the patients with acute appendicitis diagnosed and surgically treated by general surgery of the Fifth Clinical Medical College of Yangzhou University, they were divided into two groups after surgery, which were given parenteral nutritional support and normal diet, and observed after a period of time to compare the visceral protein index in the blood with the postoperative healing speed. The relationship between parenteral nutrition and postoperative recovery rate of appendicitis was obtained.


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