Prediction of Gas Well Annulus Pressure Based on Neural Network


  • Man Pu
  • Jialong Xie
  • Miaomiao Cheng
  • Xin Yi



Production safety, Annulus pressure, Grey system theory, Multivariate grey model.


Abnormal pressure in the annulus is one of the main risks that threaten the safe production of gas wells and affect their production efficiency. To further improve the gas well annulus pressure management level based on the gray system theory and new information priority ideology, this study introduced a new perspective. First, we considered the influence of various factors related to the change of the gas well annulus pressure and performed a grey correlation analysis. Next, we established a multivariable grey prediction model of gas well annular pressure with the associated metabolic function. The measured data of high-pressure and high-yield gas wells in Northwestern Sichuan for 12 consecutive hours in a day, was used as a case study. The effectiveness of this proposed model was verified by comparing the predicted results with the measured data. The research results verify the feasibility of the gray system theory for the dynamic prediction of gas well annulus pressure and provide theoretical support for the early diagnosis and active prevention of continuous annulus pressure.


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