Study on The Adhesion Properties of Light-ransmitting Concrete Based on Different Matrix Materials


  • Zhilong Zhou
  • Feifei Dan
  • Yuexing Cai
  • Pan Li
  • Jiajun Liu
  • Kun An



Light-transmitting Concrete, Interfacial bonding performance, Acrylic, Energy conservation.


Light-transmitting concrete prepared by the combination of light-transmitting materials and concrete matrix is a new building material with functions of energy saving and consumption reduction. In this paper, the current research status of scholars in this field at home and abroad is integrated and explored, so as to carry out the analysis of the interfacial bonding performance between the light-transmitting material and the concrete matrix of light-transmitting concrete. This paper selects acrylic as the light-transmitting material, silicate cement mortar, alkali magnesium sulfate cement mortar, ordinary mortar with cork particles, ordinary mortar with expansion agents, ordinary mortar with basalt fibers, and self-compacting cement mortar as the matrix materials, and tests the interfacial bonding performance of different substrates of light-transmitting concrete made by them. Through the interfacial bonding performance test and compressive strength test, the results of the study showed that the interfacial bonding between the concrete matrix and acrylic with the addition of basalt fibers was superior.


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16 November 2022

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Zhou, Z., Dan, F., Cai, Y., Li, P., Liu, J., & An, K. (2022). Study on The Adhesion Properties of Light-ransmitting Concrete Based on Different Matrix Materials. Academic Journal of Science and Technology, 3(3), 100–106.