Design and Implementation of Smart Community Property Management System Based on Spring Boot


  • Jia Chen
  • Xulian Luo



Springboot, Vue, Estate Management, MVVM.


Based on SpringBoot framework, this paper designs and implements the smart property management system of the community. MVVM mode is adopted for development, and Vue is used for the front-end page Js progressive framework, combined with WeChat applet as the mobile terminal, improves the convenience of users' use. SpringBoot framework is selected for background management, and MYSQL is used for database. An intelligent property management system including household information management, equipment repair reporting, maintenance management, news information and notice management, parking space management, payment management and other functions has been developed. Through this system, buildings, households, equipment Personnel and other information are comprehensively managed to meet the needs of property management enterprises for efficient management, and are suitable for all kinds of property management enterprises.


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