Research Progress on Wear Degree of Mine Filling Pipeline Based on Voiceprint Recognition


  • Yijun Xing
  • Peng Yang



Filling line, Non-destructive testing, Voiceprint recognition.


With the increasing demand for mineral resources, the number of mines with favorable mining conditions is gradually decreasing. Human beings are faced with the challenge of having to mine resources in depth, and important engineering problems in deep mining are constantly emerging. On the one hand, it requires a large amount of mineral resources, and on the other hand, sustainable development and green mining are required to protect the environment. Debris flows, etc., seriously threaten the safety of human existence. Therefore, it is critical to know the wear level of the filling line. There are various technologies for non-destructive testing. In order to explore new non-destructive testing technologies that are easy to apply in underground mines, the application of traditional testing technology and new voiceprint recognition technology in mines and the development of future applications are discussed.


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21 November 2022

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