Overview and Suggestions on the Construction of China's Low Altitude Flight Service Guarantee System


  • Fei Yao
  • Xin An
  • Meijie He
  • Fangdong Li
  • Xian Shan




Low altitude flight service support, Low-altitude airspace, ADS-B technology, Beidou Satellite Navigation Technology.


The construction of low-altitude flight service system is the basis to promote the development of the navigation industry and the necessary condition to ensure the "two wings fly together" of transport aviation and general aviation. At this stage, the construction of our flight service guarantee system is relatively lagging behind and cannot meet the urgent need of opening low-altitude airspace. This paper first introduces the basic concepts and related policies of the low-altitude flight service guarantee system, analyses the current situation of the low-altitude flight service guarantee system construction in China, and puts forward the requirements and design ideas of the low-altitude flight service guarantee system construction. Next, it analyses the operation management process of low-altitude flight service and summarizes the key technologies of low-altitude flight service support. Finally, a low-altitude flight service support information platform is innovatively designed. This paper studies and improves the theory of low-altitude flight service guarantee system construction, and provides some support for China's low-altitude airspace opening.


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21 November 2022

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Yao, F., An, X., He, M., Li, F., & Shan, X. (2022). Overview and Suggestions on the Construction of China’s Low Altitude Flight Service Guarantee System. Academic Journal of Science and Technology, 3(3), 185–190. https://doi.org/10.54097/ajst.v3i3.2934