Analysis of Administrative Cost Data Based on Data Mining


  • Lumi Lang



Data mining, Administrative cost, Data analysis.


In recent years, many practical cases that have led to the rising of administrative expenditure in China have frequently come to the public's attention. At the same time, these cases have also aroused my interest in controlling the scale of administrative expenditure. Among the many incentives, the sudden appearance of luxury office buildings is one of the incentives leading to the high local administrative expenditure, and even the government agencies will bear the debt burden. Because the actual cost of a project varies with time, events, people, and places, it is very important and difficult to accurately predict the project cost of an enterprise in advance. This paper will analyze the data of administrative cost based on DM(data mining), and analyze the current situation, reasons and countermeasures of the huge administrative cost of our government, hoping to be beneficial to the reform of our administrative institutions. Establish a partnership based on DM, reduce the cost of both parties, and achieve a win-win situation. Evaluate and select the administrative cost through scientific and objective methods to eliminate the fittest and reduce risks.


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22 November 2022

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