Research on Dynamic Cost Management During Construction of Real Estate Project Construction Stage


  • Lili Guo



Real estate enterprises, Dynamic cost control, Cost control solutions, Cost control guarantees.


From the perspective of real estate enterprise construction units, this paper will analyze the cost management problems in the construction process, and propose corresponding measures and improvement methods. Through the analysis of the situation of the project, a dynamic cost control system that matches it is established. Through the establishment of a dynamic cost control system, the cost deviation in the construction process can be remedied in a timely manner to ensure that the actual construction cost does not deviate from the target cost. At the same time, the cost analysis of the engineering and technical solutions provided by the project should be carried out, and the basic labor, materials, machinery costs and measure costs in the construction cost should be controlled under the premise of ensuring construction quality and safety. This article focuses on achieving target costs, starting with project cost containment solutions and safeguards, respectively. The purpose of the research is to establish a dynamic cost control system that can establish real estate enterprises in the construction process, and when applied to the actual construction process, provide a relatively scientific and effective theoretical basis for real estate enterprises, so as to continuously accumulate mature cost control management experience.


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