Research Progress on photocatalytic treatment of uranium waste liquid with ZnO Quantum Dots


  • Bin Zhang
  • Pin Xu
  • Caixiong Yin
  • Qigang Ye
  • Xiangqian Dong
  • Chunhai Lu



Radioactive uranium waste liquid, Photocatalysis, ZnO quantum dots.


Aiming at the difficult problem of radioactive nuclear waste liquid treatment, this paper summarizes the principle and development of a new photocatalytic technology for removing uranium waste liquid, several preparation methods of ZnO quantum dots and its applications in biomedicine, catalysis and light shielding, and summarizes its research on radioactive uranium waste liquid. In the future, it is expected that ZnO quantum dots with better properties can be modified and put into commercial production for the treatment of radioactive uranium-containing waste liquid.


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Zhang, B., Xu, P., Yin, C., Ye, Q., Dong, X., & Lu, C. (2023). Research Progress on photocatalytic treatment of uranium waste liquid with ZnO Quantum Dots. Academic Journal of Science and Technology, 4(2), 13–16.