RF Thermal Simulation Design Based on Flotherm


  • Wenbin Li
  • Xiaorui Tang




RF power supply, Thermal simulation, Thermal design.


 As for the RF power supply, with the continuous expansion of the use field, the increasing integration and the substantial increase of the heat flow density in the chassis, the research on the thermal analysis and thermal design of the RF power supply is of great value. In the process of power supply development, the simulation method is used to analyze the temperature field of the power supply. The thermal design can significantly shorten the product development cycle, minimize the cost, and improve the reliability. Based on this background, this paper integrates the thermal simulation, thermal design and thermal test of RF power supply, uses thermal analysis software (Flotherm) to conduct thermal analysis of RF power supply, and conducts temperature experiment after designing internal cooling components. The experimental results show that after the thermal simulation and thermal design, the maximum internal temperature of the RF power supply is 127℃, the temperature of the key device power tube is 76.9℃, and the core temperature is 104℃, which are far below the maximum allowable temperature, meeting the thermal design requirements. This paper lays the foundation for mass manufacturing, standard formulation and serialization of RF power supply, and provides a reference for the integration of thermal analysis, thermal design and thermal test of power supply.


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