Analysis and Reform of College Physics Course


  • Xingyu Liu



College Physics, Content and strategy, Teaching design, Ideological and political construction.


With the rapid progress of science and technology in the current era, there is a growing demand for talents in all walks of life. In order to cultivate more excellent talents who are more adaptable to the times, school teaching is also constantly reforming. In this context, the teaching reform of College Physics also needs to be followed up in time to avoid falling behind the tide of the times. College Physics is a compulsory basic course for all science and engineering students. Learning college physics can provide enough basic knowledge for students to learn subsequent professional courses. By learning the experiences of physical characters, it can also lay a research idea for students, learn methodology, and help students to succeed in their subsequent learning life or practice, so that students can find fun in learning and take the initiative to learn, However, the traditional course of College Physics is used to preach the course according to the book and use ppt to tell the content of the textbook. Because the content of the textbook is very fixed, the teaching is also rarely changed. The backward teaching method is difficult to raise students' interest and thirst for knowledge. This teaching method is gradually difficult to keep pace with the times. In addition, the traditional teaching content of college physics is a combination of systematic and complete theoretical knowledge system and practical skills training process. The education of professional ethics and humanistic quality is only inserted into the teaching of relevant physical knowledge and theory in the form of selective learning or self-study, To a certain extent, the "ideological and political" function in the teaching content has been weakened. Therefore, it is imperative to reform the curriculum.


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