Effects of Iron on the Occurrence Form and Release of Phosphorus in The Yellow River Sediments


  • Xiaohong Yang
  • Fengying Wang




The sediments of Yellow River, Iron forms, Phosphorus forms, correlation, Phosphorus releasing.


There is a close relationship between Fe and P in the sediments of the Yellow River, and iron has a great influence on the occurrence form of phosphorus, except that the content of exchangeable iron increases, and the content of Pex and PAl decreases, showing a negative correlation; Water soluble iron and residual iron have a significant positive relationship with ΣP, water soluble iron and Porg, residual iron and Paut, PDe, and the correlation coefficient is high, indicating that the contents of Pex, PAl, Porg, Paut, PDe, and ΣP in the Yellow River sediments are controlled by iron forms.


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