Simulation Analysis of One-time Shovel Method Based on EDEM


  • Song Zhen
  • Yuan Jiang
  • Zhou Meng



Shoveling, Ore, EDEM.


In view of the force problem in the process of the first shoveling method of the underground forklift, I used EDEM software to complete the numerical simulation calculation of the first shoveling method, used the software to generate ore stacks, imported the bucket model, set the bucket action, and completed the shovel simulation. Which pairs consider the distribution of ores. Summarize the force of the bucket to provide a certain reference for subsequent shoveling research.


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Zhen, S., Jiang, Y., & Meng, Z. (2023). Simulation Analysis of One-time Shovel Method Based on EDEM. Academic Journal of Science and Technology, 4(2), 41–44.