Research on the Innovation of Rural Collective Economy Development and Expansion Mode in the Perspective of Rural Revitalization

Taking Liuji Town, Anhui Province as an Example


  • Kunyue Wang
  • Niting Yang
  • Shican Fu
  • Haojia Xia
  • Liangkai Wu
  • Zejiong Zhou



Rural revitalization, Collective economy, Resource integration, Leading by Party building.


As an important role in the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the rural collective economy has always played an indispensable role. In view of the fact that the rural collective economy is in urgent need of transformation and innovative development mode under the current background of rural revitalization, this paper takes Liuji Town, Anhui Province, as an example to conduct in-depth analysis, through field research on local economic development, to find the reasons for the lack of driving force of the old form and give a practical and feasible innovation path.


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Wang, K., Yang, N., Fu, S., Xia, H., Wu, L., & Zhou, Z. (2023). Research on the Innovation of Rural Collective Economy Development and Expansion Mode in the Perspective of Rural Revitalization: Taking Liuji Town, Anhui Province as an Example. Academic Journal of Science and Technology, 4(2), 50–53.