Research On Digital Design Customization and Industrialization Application Path of National Trend Clothing


  • Zhaojue Dai



Guocao, Digital design, Customization, Industrialization.


 "Guocao" is the external expression form of Chinese culture confidence, from the development of Chinese elements to Chinese products and then upgrade to Chinese brands, and finally toward the Chinese tide brand, has been conscious of the creative concept of patriotism deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Among them, the key is to integrate Guocao textile and clothing brand design into digital technology quickly and to organically integrate Chinese traditional excellent culture with Guocao brand digital design and customization. According to the development environment of the fashion industry and the consumer groups of Guocao in combination with the specific digital design and performance examples of the fashion industry, through the original design of the story of the Dongfang series of fashion brands, the path of the digital design and customization of the fashion industry is proposed, the background of the digital assets of the fashion pattern database is built, and the digital avatar database is built with the customer groups of Guocao brand as the channel. Based on customer terminal demand, the original design of national fashion, further promote the deep integration of fashion brand digital design customization and textile and clothing brand promotion, to achieve digital empowerment of national fashion.


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