Chaotic Characterization of Milling Vibration Information


  • Tao Pan
  • Teng Hu
  • Weixiang Gao



Milling vibration information, Milling chatter, Chaotic phase space reconfiguration.


In view of the strong nonlinearity of the signals in the gestation period of milling chatter, and the problem that the traditional time-frequency analysis methods cannot reveal the weak characteristics of the gestation period of chatter well, a chaotic characteristic analysis method of milling vibration information is proposed. The milling force signals of stable milling, chatter gestation and chatter outbreak states are collected through variable working condition milling force measurement experiments, and the chaotic phase space reconstruction method is used to obtain the attractor images of milling force signals in different vibration states. The experiments show that the attractor features in the chatter gestation period are more significant than the traditional time-frequency features, and the chaotic attractor images can better reveal the weak features in the chatter gestation period.


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