Pre-stack Fidelity Denoising Technique in Loess Plateau Area


  • Menglin Wang
  • Zhidi Liu
  • Shuaiyu Song



Prestack fidelity denoising, Surface wave, Abnormal amplitude suppression, Signal to noise ratio.


Based on the data of P work area in Ordos Basin, this paper makes a comparative analysis and summarizes its difficulties: there are many kinds of interference sources in the work area, linear noise is developed, external interference, abnormal noise interference and other background noise are serious, and the signal-to-noise ratio of the original data is low due to the influence of the thickness of the low deceleration zone, the thickness of loess cover and the excitation and reception conditions. Therefore, aiming at this difficulty, a set of pre stack fidelity denoising technology is adopted according to different noise types. For surface wave, refraction wave, linear interference, abnormal energy interference and other noise, classification, zoning, step-by-step, domain, frequency and time-sharing fidelity processing are used to improve the data imaging effect. Frequency division abnormal amplitude suppression technology, prestack coherent noise suppression and ground roll wave simulated removal technology are used to solve the problem of noise interference. The results show that the signal-to-noise ratio and resolution of seismic data in this area have been significantly improved by using the above technologies.


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Wang, M., Liu, Z., & Song, S. (2023). Pre-stack Fidelity Denoising Technique in Loess Plateau Area. Academic Journal of Science and Technology, 4(2), 88–92.