Internet of Things Information Security and Preventive Measures


  • Minghao Niu
  • Hong Dai



Internet of Things, Information security, Precautionary measure, Private protection.


The Internet of Things is the third technological revolution of modern information technology. It is a high integration of various new technologies and concepts of modern information technology. It opens up the channel between the previously unrelated technologies such as electronic technology, automation technology, communication technology, biotechnology, mechanical technology and material technology, and makes these technologies truly integrate into a whole. The communication from person to person to object, object to object expansion is realized. The Internet of Things not only drives the development of emerging technologies, but also facilitates daily education and management. However, in the environment of the Internet of Things, there are still some problems of information security, information theft, information disclosure and other problems that must be solved in the application of the Internet of Things technology. Based on the architecture, key technologies and applications of the Internet of Things, this paper explores the security problems existing in the Internet of Things environment and puts forward reasonable preventive measures.


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