Effect of Al2O3 on the Reduction of Hematite (Fe2O3)


  • Zongyan Wang




Hematite, Reduction, Effect.


With the iron ore being mined continuously, both imported mineral iron ore and domestic ore imports are expanding, and the quality of imported iron ore is getting lower and lower. In recent years, the content of Al2O3 in iron ore has gradually increased, especially in imported ore, and China's iron ore largely depends on imports, which brings many adverse effects on the quality of sintered ore. one of the adverse effects of Al2O3 on sintered ore is to affect the reduction performance and reduction pulverization rate of hematite, through reading the literature, we understand the Al2O3 on the low temperature sintering pulverization rate of hematite Therefore, this study was carried out to calculate the thermodynamic parameter standard generation Gibbs free energy for the purpose of providing theoretical guidance to optimize the sintering process and fill in the thermodynamic data.


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