Research on Construction Technology of Deep Foundation Pit of High Voltage Transmission Line in Plateau Area


  • Yihong Tang
  • Yebin Huang



Transmission line, Construction of deep foundation pit, Plateau section.


With the further expansion of China power grid, it is the current and future trend of power system development to set up high-voltage or even ultra-high-voltage transmission lines. Because the construction environment of high-voltage transmission lines is very complex and changeable, how to ensure the construction quality and progress of transmission lines according to the construction drawings provided by the design unit is the key to the construction of transmission lines. The quality level of deep foundation pit excavation is a representative factor that profoundly affects the construction quality level of high-voltage transmission line projects in plateau areas. Only by managing the construction quality of all sub-projects in the power system can the stability of power operation be effectively guaranteed. This paper expounds the key points of deep foundation pit excavation construction technology, in order to analyze the deep foundation construction technology of high-voltage transmission lines in plateau area, and provide theoretical support for the deep foundation pit construction of high-voltage transmission lines in plateau area.


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Tang, Y., & Huang, Y. (2023). Research on Construction Technology of Deep Foundation Pit of High Voltage Transmission Line in Plateau Area. Academic Journal of Science and Technology, 4(2), 112–115.