Construction Design of Prestressed Cast in place Piles for Transmission Line Engineering in Plateau Areas


  • Yebin Huang
  • Yihong Tang



Foundation pit construction, Cast-in-place pile, Transmission line, Plateau section.


With the growth of urban construction, the excavation depth of foundation pit construction is getting deeper and deeper. Adding soil anchor to cast-in-place pile is one of the most effective methods for deep foundation pit support. And the construction quality of cast-in-place pile and soil anchor directly affects the subsequent construction and the safety of buildings. As an important pile type, pile foundation often has some quality problems such as pile position deviation, excessive sediment, concrete segregation, mud inclusion, broken pile and so on. Therefore, in the construction, it is necessary to correctly select the construction technology, strengthen the quality control of the construction process, ensure the integrity of the pile body, and make the static pressure test reach an excellent state. In the construction of electric power engineering, the links between the steps are very close, so only strict quality management of each process can really ensure the quality of transmission line construction. Combined with the engineering practice, this paper analyzes the quality problems of bored piles in plateau area and puts forward the prevention measures, providing suggestions for the construction design of prestressed bored piles in transmission line engineering.


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Huang, Y., & Tang, Y. (2023). Construction Design of Prestressed Cast in place Piles for Transmission Line Engineering in Plateau Areas. Academic Journal of Science and Technology, 4(2), 121–124.