The Control Standard for Settlement of Pavement Based on the Model of Acceleration Interference


  • Sen Liu
  • Haiying Huang



Acceleration interference, Comfort, Pavement settlement.


The control standard of pavement settlement caused by urban tunnel excavation is the focus of academic research at present. The establishment of settlement control standard gradually develops from safety control standard to comfort control standard. Based on the acceleration interference model, this paper presents a method to determine the pavement settlement control datum caused by the new tunnel penetrating the existing highway. Firstly, the vibration acceleration along the vertical direction of the road was selected as the comfort index, and the ideal sine function and Peck formula were used to describe the longitudinal curve of the road surface and the characteristics of the road surface settlement groove caused by tunnel construction. Secondly, considering the acceleration interference model, based on theoretical derivation, the calculation formula of vertical acceleration under the influence of road surface smoothness is obtained. According to superposition principle, the calculation formula of vertical acceleration under the influence of road surface smoothness and tunnel excavation is obtained. Thirdly, based on the relationship between acceleration value and subjective feeling of human body, the determination formula of pavement settlement control benchmark is proposed. The results show that the control datum formula is consistent with the engineering practice. Reducing the speed and the width coefficient of pavement settlement groove are effective methods to improve the comfort.


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