A Facile MOF Based Iron-Molybdenum Bimetallic Electrode Material Preparation for Hydrogen Evolution


  • Yiduo Li
  • Ziqi Zhang
  • Hanbo Wang
  • Dongyu Pei
  • Sheng Wan
  • Yingying Li
  • Ming Zhao
  • Haiyan Lu




Hydrogen evolution, Bimetallic catalyst, Synergic catalytic effect.


Hydrogen energy has become the most potential energy source due to its high calorific value and environment-friendly combustion products. However, there are huge economic problems in hydrogen storage and transportation. Hydrogen can be prepared by catalysis in a way of reducing cost and speeding up speed which is the core idea of electrocatalytic water decomposition for hydrogen production. In this work, we developed an electrode material for Hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) bimetallic catalyst, and achieved that the hydrogen overpotential produced by acidic non-precious metal catalyst under acidic environment was only 275mV. More importantly, a good idea was provided for bimetallic co-catalysis of HER.


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Li, Y., Zhang, Z., Wang, H., Pei, D., Wan, S., Li, Y., Zhao, M., & Lu, H. (2023). A Facile MOF Based Iron-Molybdenum Bimetallic Electrode Material Preparation for Hydrogen Evolution . Academic Journal of Science and Technology, 4(2), 137–140. https://doi.org/10.54097/ajst.v4i2.4190