The Condition and Path of Effective Realization of Personalized Teaching in Intelligent Age


  • Lijia Yang



Intelligent teaching, Artificial intelligence, Personalized Teaching.


In the teaching situation of large class size and education homogenization, personalized teaching is difficult to achieve effectively. With the gradual penetration of intelligent technology into classroom teaching, the realization of personalized teaching has a new possibility. The effective realization of personalized teaching in the intelligent age needs the organic integration of intelligent technology and personalized teaching. Therefore, both intelligent technology and personalized teaching need to make necessary changes. Intelligent technology needs to deeply sketch students' learning portrait with big data, build personalized teaching resource library on cloud platform, enhance teachers' personalized teaching ability with artificial intelligence, and provide personalized teaching network environment with Internet, etc. Based on the integration of the two, the effective way to realize personalized teaching supported by intelligent technology is to establish differentiated teaching objectives, organize diversified teaching contents, select targeted teaching methods, integrate various learning organization forms and construct accurate teaching evaluation and feedback system.


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