Research Progress of Constructing Anode Materials for Potassium Ion Batteries Based on Electrospinning Technology


  • Zheng Liu
  • Xingqun Zhu
  • Ming Song
  • Rai Nauman Ali
  • Yingtao Tang



Potassium-ion battery, Anode material, Electrospinning.


Potassium offers the benefits of plentiful supplies, widespread availability, and inexpensive cost. Potassium-ion batteries (KIBs) are thought to be one of the best energy storage technologies to take the place of lithium-ion batteries in the future since potassium has a low electrode potential and rapid ion transport kinetics in the electrochemical system. As opposed to lithium-ion batteries, potassium-ion battery research is still in its early stages, and the system has issues with low capacity, inferior rate performance, and short cycle life. As a result, creating safe, dependable, and high-performance charge-discharge potassium-ion batteries still presents several difficulties. One of the main elements promoting the development of potassium-ion batteries is the development of anode materials for these batteries. At present, there are various methods for constructing potassium-ion battery anode materials, including hydrothermal method, solid phase reaction, electrospinning method, etc. The advancement of electrospinning and the creation of potassium-ion battery anode materials based on electrospinning are the main topics of this review article. This report also anticipates the direction of research and development for high-performance, low-cost anode materials.


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