Experimental Device Design and Load Test of PDC Single Cutter Scraping Considering Cyclotron Motion


  • Xinyu Ren
  • Yingxin Yang
  • Shiwei Niu




PDC cutter, Rock crushing mechanics, Load.


The rotary motion of the bit caused by the lateral force imbalance of the bit leads to premature failure of the bit, mainly because the side of the cutter makes contact with the rock and participates in breaking rock. The rotating motion of the bit causes the bit to form an irregular spiral bottom hole.A lot of research and experiments have been done to eliminate the cyclotron phenomenon. However, whether it is conventional PDC cutter or special-shaped PDC cutter single cutter rock breaking experiment simulation or laboratory experiment, it is based on the way of replacing circular cutting of cutter with linear scraping, and almost does not consider the radial scraping motion of cutter under circular motion, which is still different from the actual working state of the bit. Therefore, in order to further understand the rock breaking characteristics of the cutter under irregular or circular motion, it is necessary to carry out a single rock breaking study considering the combined circumferential and radial scraping motion.


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