Discussion on the Networking Scheme of Communication Equipment Localization in Modern Communication Technology


  • Baibing Chen
  • Nan Ding




Information equipment, Domestic, Networking scheme.


The rapid development of the Internet, greatly promoted the development and progress of human society, in the change of people's production, life and way of thinking at the same time also on the development of the international community has brought extremely far-reaching impact. With the rapid development of the Internet and the coming of the information technology revolution, information security has gradually become the most prominent and core issue in national security. However, the core information technology has been mastered by foreign enterprises for a long time, our information construction has been limited, information security can not be effectively guaranteed, how to gradually get rid of technical restrictions, break technical barriers, to achieve independent technology research and development and equipment production has become the inevitable trend of domestic construction of information equipment in the future. Based on this problem, this paper summarizes the status quo of localization of information equipment, analyzes the purpose and significance of localization of information equipment, summarizes the current research focus and difficulties of localization of information equipment, and intends to solve the networking scheme of localization of communication equipment in modern communication technology. To sum up, in the current information age, no country can exist independently of the international community, and the development of the Internet has been irresistible.


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