Research on New Air Supply Mode of Fan-coil Unit Based on CFD


  • Meng Li



Fan coil unit, Air distribution form, Attached and sent down, CFD simulation.


 Fan coil unit air supply is one of the main air supply modes of air conditioning. The fan coil unit system generally adopts the air distribution form of upward supply and upward return on the same side. In this work, a static pressure box is added at the outlet of the fan coil, and a deflector with separate control direction is set at the outlet of the static pressure box. In summer, the combination of up-side air supply and up-attached down-flow air supply is adopted to adjust the deflector to control the distribution of cold air and keep the overall indoor temperature distribution consistent. In winter, the air supply outlet is transferred to the lower part of the fan coil, and the hot air is directly sent to the personnel activity area at the lower part of the room by the adhesive effect of the jet, effectively solving the indoor air stratification phenomenon in winter.


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