Research on Traceability of Agricultural Product Supply Chain Information


  • Lina Fang
  • Huizhen Ge



Traceability, Agricultural products, Supply chain, Blockchain, Transparency, Integrity.


Traceability of agricultural product supply chain information has become an important issue due to increasing concerns about food safety and quality. In this paper, we propose a traceability system that utilizes blockchain technology to ensure the transparency and integrity of agricultural product supply chain information. The system includes a data collection and storage module, a blockchain-based traceability module, and a user interface module. We tested the system on a case study of a tomato supply chain, and the results show that the system is effective in tracing the entire supply chain and detecting anomalies. The proposed traceability system can provide consumers with reliable information about the origin and quality of agricultural products, and can also help producers and distributors to improve their supply chain management.


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