Path and Mechanism Optimization of Integrating Tourism Planning into Territorial Spatial Planning System


  • Ting Wang
  • Jiawen He



Tourism planning, Multiple planning integration, Territorial spatial planning, Path, Mechanism optimization.


Tourism planning is a kind of protective development planning for scientific and rational optimization of tourism space and tourism resources. At present, there have been problems in tourism planning, such as unclear role, imperfect content system and immature compilation technology, which have caused difficulties in landing tourism planning and conflicts with other planning. Under the background of territorial spatial planning system reform, tourism planning into the territorial spatial planning system has great theoretical significance and very urgent practical significance.  Based on the analysis of the existing problems and causes of tourism planning, this paper puts forward that ' multi-planning ' should include tourism demand and influence in the process of ' integration ', and the optimization path of tourism planning compilation system oriented by integrating into the territorial spatial planning system.  And from the census of tourism resources, modify the general rules of tourism planning, the introduction of tourism planning preparation methods, the establishment of tourism sector spatial information subsystem, strengthen the typical tourism destinations spatial planning guidance and tourism planning and other ' multi planning ' department discussion and exchange of six aspects put forward tourism planning into the territorial spatial planning system optimization strategy.  The purpose is to standardize the preparation of tourism planning, actively integrate into the territorial spatial planning system, promote the internal cohesion of the ' five levels and three categories ‘territorial spatial planning system, and scientifically guide the planning and construction of tourism destinations.


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