Application of ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode Intellectualization in Civil Aviation System


  • Rui Liu



ATM technology, Civil aviation communication, Data transmission, Application.


The so-called ATM technology refers to asynchronous transmission technology, which is a highly efficient communication transmission technology. At present, it is widely used in many communication technology fields. Now this paper mainly analyzes its application in the field of civil aviation communication. At first, the paper analyzes and introduces ATM technology and civil aviation communication environment, points out the application advantages of ATM technology in civil aviation communication field, and finally makes a simple discussion on its application direction and mode. With the development of civil aviation communication business, the requirements for the traffic and reliability of data communication network are increasing. Civil aviation relies on ATM technology to build a basic network platform that can cover all airports of civil aviation and has carrier level reliability and availability. This paper introduces the working principle, system composition and workflow of ATM, improves the business level of maintenance and repair technicians, and ensures the safe operation of civil aviation air traffic control equipment.


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